So it has been a while since I last wrote my journal. To be honest, it feels kinda good to write down your thought once in a while.

But what language should I choose? English? Tiếng Việt? Svenska? Nah, you have to use those 3 languages daily, but I think I know Vietnamese the most, then English. I use English mainly for writing, I haven’t wrote much in Vietnamese recently, nor Swedish, as I am not good at it.

So what about it? What do you think about your future?

Not much that I can see from my current situation. Yes, getting a Math degree sounds good, but I would rather to be a teacher instead of a researcher. I do not like to use my brain too much, as I am lazy and tried everything I could so that I can have as much relaxing time as possible while achieve acceptable result at the end. I am a competitive person, but that does not mean I should strive to be the best in everything. Shouldn’t that tell you something about me? Picking which area to compete and challenge yourself in specific area instead of being jack of all trades, master of none? Isn’t that for people like polyglots instead of me? I mean, they are master of language learning as well, but I think I would rather do the math teacher route than CS.

The next thing I wanna learn is Swedish language for my job. It is a requirement, hence I need it.

So how is your plan after university?

Continue studying master, Swedish and find a job. Maybe that one again.

Do you like where you are right now?

Probably yes, I feel much more comfortable than back then.

Stop gaming?

Maybe I will decrease it and go training.