Arc 1: This Server

So there was a guy who attempted to cheat in this server a while ago, let’s call him John for now. This story has been altered in some details.

On one day, John wanted to get some helps with his math problems. As usual, he followed the procedure by uploading question and stating which part he needed help with. However, by whatever reason, he uploaded a whole pdf exam named “the-final-exam.pdf” and told us that this was not the final exam, rather an “assignment.” So I quickly look into the pdf file and to no one surprises, “Math Final Exam 2021” was the title. So, I quickly posted ?acd in the chat and tell him to focus on his exam and stop asking. After that I had to go out to buy some milk.

John, however, did not stop there. He patiently waited for a while and posted a screenshot of his pdf with the censored title, claiming that this was his and the school’s name, thinking that no one would notice. To his credit, it was pretty clever since he received helped at least for one question. Then I came back and tell the helper that John is doing the exam. I was late to stop him from getting helped but then I pinged the whole mod team to help. I explained this was also an exam and his “censored part” is actually the title of the exam. The mod came to agree with me and then muted him immediately. I think after that he left this server for good, or someone banned him.

Arc 2: The Hunt

Immediately after checking his profile, I noticed that he had a common server with me, which I also fairly active there. Of course, I went there and searched for his messages. You know what? You should be able to guess what happened there. I found him was getting some helps and everyone believed that he is doing homework. Of course, I have to ping mod of that server immediately and to their credit, they were pretty fast and believed me. They of coursed warned him but didn’t mute so I don’t know what happened afterward in that server.

So after two server, I suspected what he was getting some helps from other servers as well. So, in order to investigate and stop him from cheating, I logged into my other discord account and start joining any server with “math”, “homework” or “stem” or something similar in name. Of course, I haven’t join this server using the other account so bother searching for it, you won’t find out. Then I also started searching his name in every other server and started to notice a trend. He was getting helped from every server that he joined. That must mean this guy is putting way too much effort into cheating rather than studying. Disgusted by this behavior, I pinged moderator in each server left and right, sending mod mail, inform them that this guy as cheating and you must stop this immediately.

Some mods was quick to respond to me, some mods was slow, some came to the server immediately and asked the guy the question, some asked me for proof that he is cheating. Of course, I slid into some of their DM as well, presenting the proof and befriended with some of them. Now, he was being banned/muted left and right and even telling me to stop, “I don’t know you”, “why disrupting me”, etc.

Arc 3: The Aftermath

To his credit, I had too much free time to try and stop a cheater from multiple servers and I don’t know if what I did was correct. It felt like I did something right, but the process sounds wrong. I am not a justice enforcer, nor a teacher. I’m just a guy on the internet trying to do something with my free time on that day.

Afterward I noticed his account that the “common servers” dropped one by one until he had no common server with me left. I don’t think that he would ever use that account ever again. After that I use the other account to check his messages for each of those servers I could find with math, homework and stem help and I think he managed to get like 69/420 questions. Nah, just kidding, but a lot, I would say. Almost all of his exam was done by the people on the internet, especially on Discord. I didn’t know what happened afterward, nor was it my interest to know since it didn’t matter. He successfully cheated the way through using Discord.

Moral lesson: always suspect that everything could be exam.