Part 1

So basically there was a guy name “missing” askeed some math question. He then posted a curse screenshot with full of watermarks. The question was about calculating the area of the pool and volume of the pool given the diagonal and one side.

However, when I told him: “here is your figure of the pool” with a drawn diagonal, he simply refused to accept that and said: “I am not a teacher, I am a student. Only the teacher can make problem, student cannot make the problem. The pool does not have the diagonal so I cannot draw it. Pythagoras theorem is for triangle only, not for rectangle.”

And then we then went back and forth until one of the mod, banned him because of trolling.

Part 2

Now he used some alts to join and asked for his friend to be unbanned, claimed to be a 37 years old guy. Well, he keeps sending the same questions over and over again, like 4 times.

This part, however, I tried my best to write it based on my memories.